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Here is my question, it’s about writing in conjunction with an author as an editor. Do you ever feel like you should be given more credit to the creative process? I have noticed sometimes, as I work with you, that your ideas are new and fresh, and help so much in my writing process that I feel like you should be given more credit as a co-creator to my writing. Often when my brain is numb and I can’t think of a way to bring more life into my story, I actually use the exact sentence you give me. Do you sometimes feel like your name should on the cover of the book as well?

Hi Heather,

First of all, thank you for such high praise.

I think any editor loves hearing that their ideas are new and fresh and that they help with the writing process. Editors are people after all. We enjoy praise as much as anyone else. 🙂 Many of us are also in this line of work because we enjoy helping people and we enjoy seeing them succeed. Hearing that we’ve helped plucks all those internal strings that make us feel like we’ve done something worthwhile…accomplished something good.

I can’t speak for all editors of course, but I never expect to be credited on the cover of the book or to be mentioned as a co-creator. I think of myself more as a consultant or in some cases as a teacher.

I am often mentioned in acknowledgments and I very much enjoy reading the credit given to me there. It is neat to be credited…and in a way that is as lasting as the book itself.

So…no…I don’t ever feel like I should have my name on the cover or be credited as a co-creator. I do appreciate recommendations to other writers, shout outs on Facebook, acknowledgment in acknowledgments and other similar praise. That said, I don’t feel it is required or that it is my due.

What about it? If there are other editors reading…please hop in and share your thoughts. How do you like authors to credit you?

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