Dollarphotoclub_60695176October 20 – 23, 2015

In the Yellow Highlighter Classes that I teach one of the most common suggestions I write in dialogue section is, “You need a break here.” Or, “You need a beat of silence here.” In this free class we’ll go deep into this one facet of dialogue and look at why, when, and where you need these beats of silence and how you can begin to intuit for yourself where they need to be.

Though the focus of this class is the importance of the silent beat in dialogue the same things that create the silent beat in dialogue also create multi-dimensional dialogue and eliminate “talking head syndrome” so we’ll be working on solutions to those common dialogue issues as well.

This is a three day online class. Since the class is online students can check in at the workshop site to review lessons, leave comments, ask questions and interact with the instructor and the other participants any time during the day or night that works for them. This makes the classes excellent for people who work full time, who work odd hours, or those who live in geographic regions which make it difficult to participate in live classes at a scheduled time. My classes usually include students from several countries and multiple time zones.

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