I have a very short Sunday Freebies post for you today. This week I spent more time sourcing materials for projects that I’m thinking about making than searching out new patterns. The results of those searches will make their way into upcoming posts on places to buy apparel fabric, places to buy lace and other trim, places to buy fabric by the pound, and places to buy yarn. There is already a giant list of places to buy bargain priced quilt fabric. You can check out that list which I’ve recently updated here.

This week I worked on paper pieced borders for my blue butterfly quilt which is pictured is pictured in this post. I have made about half the number of border strips I need to go around the quilt. I also finished up items 7-10 (picture above) for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. You can see pictures of items 1-6 here.

I did go through a few more of the embroidery digitizers that are taking part in the Secrets of Embroidery Treasure Hunt, which I listed in last week’s Sunday Freebie’s post. Though the designs here aren’t free they are almost free. The sets listed here are available for $1 each as part of the Secrets of Embroidery Treasure Hunt. I did not find all of the sets offered for $1 for each participating digitizer as I only checked out those sets that looked like they were something I would use on the types of projects I make.

Embroidery—Almost Free–$1 Buys From Secrets Of Embroidery

From Designs By Enid – There Are 55 $1 Buys Here – I’ve Found 4

Pretty Colorwork Carnations

Sunbonnets & Flowers – Would Make A Darling Embroidered Quilt

Lacy Single Color Hearts & Flowers

Colorwork Tea Motifs Perfect For Tea Towels


From Diana’s Designs – There are 10 $1 Buys Here – I’ve Found 1

Cute Fairy Designs


From Elle Designs – There Are 14 $1 Buys Here – I’ve Found 6

Hearts And Flowers

Heart And  Flower Quilt Blocks

Geometric Floral Designs – These Would Be Great For Making Coasters Or Quilt Blocks

Graceful Swans & Flowers

Lovely Floral Designs

Floral Baskets


Sewing Patterns

Hanging Towel Pattern

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