It’s always fun when the time comes to send off the things I’ve made for organizations that distribute items to those less fortunate. These squares (52 of them) are currently making their way to the Canadian based Warm The Homeless, a group that makes and distributes quilts, afghans, blankets and mittens to the homeless.

Members of the Warm The Homeless group will join the squares with other squares to form blankets which will then be distributed to those who need them.

Though I have made a few baby blankets and a throw sized afghan, making the 8″ squares works really well for me.

Bigger projects are challenging because I live in a house with 18 cats…several of whom like to sleep on me when I crochet. With the small projects I work above the sleeping cats. With a larger project maneuvering and turning the project is challenging. It often follows the pattern of crochet a row…move several cats. Turn the work. Crochet another row. Move several cats. Turn the work. Crochet another row. Move several cats. More time can be spent moving cats than actually crocheting rows. For this reason I find the 8″ squares and the hats which I’ve featured elsewhere on the site are good projects for me.

That said…I am feeling an urge to make another baby blanket or afghan.

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