My great niece Amiracle got a My Life Doll (similar to American Girl Dolls–but a lot less expensive) for Christmas this year. Since she got the doll we’ve enjoyed looking at doll clothes–and even took a brief foray into making our own doll clothes a few weeks ago. Amiracle liked the simple dress we made so much that I decided to make some more doll clothes. At about the same time, one of the authors I work with in the Yellow Highlighter Classes I teach mentioned her little girl had a My Life Doll too…and we talked about doll clothes. When she mentioned looking for pajamas for her little girl’s doll I decided to make some. I used two coordinating half yards of flannel to make the two sets of pajamas. I decided to use both fabrics in both sets of PJ’s. I’m happy I did as I like the different colored tops with the different colored pants.

The pajamas were fun to make. The pattern was really easy to follow…even for someone like me who hasn’t sewn clothing for years.

I’m really pleased with the way the dolly pajamas turned out.

It may be crazy but my success with the doll clothes has given me confidence to purchase fabric and patterns to sew some dresses for Amiracle and probably some for Dress a Girl Around The World & Little Dresses For Africa.

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