It’s been a little while since I posted pictures of crocheted items. Last week I finished making 15 rectangles (10 of the light camel color and 5 of the pretty variegated).  These will be sent to the Happy Stitchers Afghan Project where they will be joined with rectangles made by others from around the world to form afghans. The finished afghans are then sent to Landstuhl Hospital in Germany.

Landstuhl Hospital is the largest American hospital outside of the US. It provides care to US military members and their families but has also provided care to non-military personnel. It provided treatment for Bosnian refugees injured in the 1994 Sarajevo marketplace bombing. It also provided care for American and Kenyan victims of the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombing in Nairobi.

I have to admit I like making squares and rectangles and am always on the lookout for organizations that are collecting squares and rectangles. Though I have made a couple of baby blankets and a full size afghan it is difficult to make larger projects in this household with so many cats–cats that LIKE  to sleep on top of items as they are being crocheted. I can easily work on a small piece like a 6×9 rectangle because the cat’s don’t sleep on a piece that small and I can easily turn a small piece without having to move four or five cats.

I’m pleased with how the rectangles turned out. I will finish the last of another group of rectangles tonight. These these are purple. Once I finish the last purple rectangle I will be back to hats for Friends Of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.


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