A year or two ago, I participated in the Happy Squares Swap at Stashbuilders, a quilt/fabric focused Yahoo Group. For the swap each person sent six centers 6 inches by 6 inches to everyone in their swap group. The members of the group then added borders to the centers they received and returned five of the six blocks, keeping one for themselves. My niece, Lauraya, really enjoyed getting the happy centers from our swap partners and helping to choose and sew on the borders. Once those were out it was fun to wait for and open the packages from our swap partners which contained the centers we’d sent out, now bordered by our swap partners.

Once we had a nice collection of blocks Lauraya decided she’d like to have a quilt from them so she went through the blocks and chose 36 to use for a quilt. She decided that she wanted to have the centers offset in a random way so we trimmed the block borders so that the centers are offset randomly. We laid our trimmed blocks out and pinned the blocks that went together in rows together, but then school started and she wasn’t here much anymore so the project got put on hold for a while.

Last week she was here  and we had some time together so we got the project out and began to sew the blocks together.

For whatever reason, sewing the blocks together is not my favorite part of quilting projects, but it went much faster with Lauraya on hand to hand me the next block and to help press the blocks as they were sewn into the row.

We have managed two rows of what will be a 6 row quilt. There are still four to go. But hay, the summer is young yet. We still have time.

Working on the Happy Squares Quilt has made me want to join some swaps again. I haven’t swapped for a while…but I do find it fun.

Maybe I’ll set up a swap of some sort here. If you’d be interested in a block swap leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to swap.

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