You may have seen some of these hats in previous posts. For a while I was posting pictures as I finished the hats…a few each week…but I haven’t done that for a while. Maybe because I’ve made lots of hat bodies but need to sew up the backs and add the pompom. There are a couple of bins full of unfinished hats…so one day soon I will need to have a hat finishing day. Maybe I’ll invite the family and we’ll have a potluck and make a day of it. 🙂

These hats (17 hats and 2 winter scarves) along with 2 baby blankets (blue and pink) which I’ve blogged about previously, and 18 baby bottles all made their way to The Sacred Shawl, which is a domestic violence shelter on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

These are the first 39 of the 200 items that I pledged to send to Pine Ridge at the start of the 2016. A while back, mid-year, I began to wonder whether I’d be able to send 200 handcrafted things…and the whole 200 may  not be handmade, but the majority will be. I’ve got quite a few more hats to send, quite a few crayon rolls finished and more ready to sew. I’ve also got crocheted wash cloths  and some purchased dolls, some homemade doll clothes and a couple of quilts and another baby blanket that I think will go there because they are needed there.

I enjoy making the hats…they are small and are easy to hold on my lap–along with the five or six cats that usually take up residence on my  lap as my husband and I watch TV and I crochet in the evening. (Yes, I do launder the hats after I finish them–the baby blankets too–not usually the squares).

It’s fun to send the items off with the intent that they bless someone’s life.

If you’d like to join the fun there are a ton of organizations that accept handcrafted donations of all types. You can check out my giant and growing list here. If you’re interested in helping people on the Pine Ridge Reservation there are several organizations that you can work with.

Sew For Kids Volunteers is an active Facebook group which has been great for inspiration. Someone is always making something and sharing what they’ve made and we get to hear lots of stories about the items we send blessing the recipients who get them…and that keeps me chugging along with my own projects.

Friends Of Pine Ridge Reservation is an active Yahoo Group where you can read about what is needed in various places on the reservation with almost daily challenges. Though this was the first group dedicated to helping on Pine Ridge that I belonged to, I miss the people, pictures, and stories that are present with the Sew For Kids Volunteers…but why not belong to both groups? That’s what I do. Friends Of Pine Ridge Reservation also has a website with a lot of information about conditions on the reservation as well as what is needed where.

Pine Ridge Elders is an active Yahoo Group where people use their talents and gifts to make and donate items to elders (children too) on the reservation. I’ve not been a member very long but it seems like a nice group. I’ve already found a group of folks interested in receiving 8″ crocheted squares to make blankets. I like making the 8″ squares as they are easy to make while I have cats piled all over me. Making bigger afghans is more difficult.

Sew For Lakota Kids is a Yahoo Group where people use their talents and skills to make items to donate to organizations on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations in South Dakota.

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