Most of the time my favorite part of the quilting process is creating the blocks that form the top. I’m slower about putting the blocks together into tops…and layering the tops for quilting. And the biggest bottleneck in my quilting process has been the actual quilting.

I’m not sure why I procrastinate so much when it comes to doing the layering and the quilting. I suppose if I was to be really honest, I’d have to say that I don’t find it as much fun to buy batting and one big piece of backing fabric as I find it to buy all the pretty fabrics that form the top. For this reason I’m sometimes putting off layering because I’m putting off spending the money for batting and backing because it’s more fun to buy more fabric for a new top.

Something shifted a few weeks ago when I made my first pieced backing for the bright swirls quilt.  Buying fabric for backings and making the backings suddenly became as much fun as making the tops…and since then I’ve been making fairly swift progress through the big bin in the storage room that holds all the projects that are waiting to be quilted. The bright scrappy stars quilt which I blogged about when I was piecing it and layering it several months ago has finally been completed! (See the picture above.)

I also finished up a similar quilt–the black scrappy stars quilt which I blogged about a few weeks ago when I finished the top and the backing.

Both these quilts, as well as the blue butterfly quilt will be making their way to The Sacred Shawl Society at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation as soon as I get them laundered to wash off the kitty fur that is undoubtedly on them given that several of my kitties enjoy the quilting process.

The Sacred Shawl Society is a domestic violence shelter. When people leave the shelter they are allowed to take the quilts with them so there is an ongoing need for quilts there.

If you’re interested in donating a quilt to The Sacred Shawl Society or to another organization be sure to check out my HUGE list of organizations that accept donations of handcrafted items. If you know of an organization that’s not on my list, please leave a comment in the comments section with the information so that I can add them to the list.

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