It has been a busy weekend, finishing things up for Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. With the weather getting cold and Christmas fast approaching it seemed like the perfect time to buckle down and finish things up.

For whatever reason, I tend to crochet the body of blankets, afghans and scarves and then procrastinate when it comes to adding the fringe. That was the case with this blanket, the third for Pine Ridge. I’ve had the blanket part finished for a couple of months, but have been busy finishing quilts, crayon rolls, and other projects, and just didn’t get around to adding the fringe.

This weekend, I finally buckled down and added the fringe.

This baby blanket was made with a variegated yarn from Bernat’s Baby Sport line – Tiny Tulips. I really liked the subtle color shifts in this yarn which provided a smaller, more all over variance of the color rather than the bigger stripes in the other two blankets pictured/linked below. I love the colors…pink, white, peach, lavender, and a hint of green.

This is the third baby blanket I’ve made for Pine Ridge this year. The first two have already been sent, and hopefully are now keeping a baby warm. I have another selection of yarn ready for a fourth blanket…but I don’t know whether I’ll finish another blanket yet this year. Maybe. I’m currently  making a selection of 8 inch squares which will be mailed to someone else who will join them into a blanket for an older child or older person who needs a blanket to keep warm during the cold winter weather that will be hitting soon in South Dakota — here too — probably — though we’ve been lucky so far this year.

You may remember these blankets from previous blogs — the blue baby blanket  which used Lion Brand’s Ice Cream Yarn – Lemon Swirl — and the pink baby blanket which used Lion Brand’s Ice Cream Yarn – Cotton Candy.

As you can probably tell, I really like the variegated yarns. 🙂 Variegated yarn makes my very simple crocheting look pretty.

As you may know from other posts…I recently finished up some quilts which will soon be on their way.

The quilts which I finished a week or two ago are featured in this post.

The crayon rolls which I made several weeks back have been joined by a few more crayon rolls which have yet to be photographed…and some coloring books. The idea for them is that the coloring books will be paired with a crayon roll and given to the children on the reservation for Christmas.

I still have several projects in the works, including two sets of dolly pajamas, a bunch of winter hats, and a bunch of crocheted wash cloths. I’ll save them for a later blog post though.

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