Here is another project I’m working on this week. I’m almost ashamed to tell you how long this one has been in the works.

I bought the fabrics for it when my nephew Zac was a baby. But that was six years ago. Zac (the one in the middle) is six now and is more interested in Batman than in emergency vehicles.

I’d toyed some with the idea of finishing this quilt for charity and making Zac a quilt with a Batman focus. But truth be told, I’m a little intimidated about making a whole quilt out of Batman fabric. There aren’t many colors in the Batman fabrics I’ve seen…and the designs are pretty big. So…what I’ve decided to do is finish the emergency vehicle part of the quilt (what I’d consider the top). Then I’ll do a pieced back using Batman fabric. I expect Zac will think of the Batman side with its bigger pieces and simpler design as the top of the quilt and the emergency vehicles as a fancy pieced back…but that’ll be fine. He doesn’t dislike emergency vehicles. He just likes Batman better.

I’m really trying to finish up some of my projects that have been around for a while. It feels so good to finish a project and to empty the bin and have it ready for a new project. And of course, as we move toward 2017 I’m more and more eager to start a new crop of projects.

What projects are you trying to finish up before the end of 2016? What projects do you hope to start in 2017?


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