I don’t know about you…but between Thanksgiving and Christmas feels like an odd time for me creatively speaking. Most of the time there are a ton of projects that I need to finish up for Christmas gifts and that means I really should not spend time starting new things or pondering what new things I would like to start. That rarely stops me, but the sense of hurrying to finish and yet being in a holding pattern as far as starting anything new creates a lot of tension that seems to scatter my focus.

Though I really should not start anything new I happened upon the Scrap Dance Waltz – Quilt Along over at From My Carolina Home and just cannot pass it up. Cutting instructions are given for both the scrappy version above and a red/green Christmas colored version.

After having made hundreds of The Frugal Patch blocks from Quilter’s Cache and having made several projects with the block (pictured above) I am in the mood for another scrap block that can be done in stages similar to how I did the Frugal Patches.

The Scrap Dance Waltz quilt requires simple pieces…which I like. For the quilt you need background squares and colored squares each in two sizes. It’s easy peasy to create a bin for each size/color and then work from the bin when you have time. That’s what I did with the Frugal Patch blocks and it created a project that I could do when I was tired and didn’t want to have to focus on figuring out anything complex or complicated.

Though I’m undoubtedly going to run behind the published schedule for the quilt along, I am going to make this quilt in the scrappy version…like the one pictured above. I think it’s a beautiful quilt. I like that it uses two different blocks alternated for the effect. I like that the cutting list is so simple…and that the sewing is not complicated.

Though I like the idea of a totally scrappy version…I’m thinking that one could do pretty scrappy versions using any contrasting colors. Pink/purple, red/black, black/white, orange/brown, and so on.

If you’re ready for another project jump on over to From My Carolina Home and join the Scrap Dance Waltz Quilt Along.

If you like Scrap Dance Waltz as much as I do, be sure to keep an eye out for a mystery quilt coming from Carole at From My Carolina Home in January.

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