Last Monday was shipping day! Finally!

Shipping day seems like a day that I work toward for a long time – much the way I usually work all year making things for Christmas. I’d be dishonest if I said that I don’t feel a bit of the same let down that I typically feel after Christmas…after all of the gifts for the season are exchanged…and the excitement of imagining the receiver’s pleasure in their gifts has passed and it’s simply time to start again on the next year’s gifts.

Though I feel a bit bereft now that the bins that were filled with hats, crayon rolls, bars of soap, color books, crocheted baby blankets, crocheted dish cloths, quilts and boxes of crayons are empty.

I had a quiet week last week…I didn’t spend much time at the sewing machine, though I did spend a little bit of time pinning things which will likely be chain pieced next week. I think I needed a little quiet time…a little time to reflect…and to get ready to start filling my bins again.

There is still a small bin in my sewing area that contains rectangles which will become hats when I sew them into tubes, gather the tops, and attach the pompoms. And there is a big bunch of 8 inch squares that I’m still finishing up. Those will go to another volunteer who will join them into a blanket for distribution on Pine Ridge. There are numerous projects underway and in various levels of completion….so my big bins filled with things to send won’t stay empty for long…especially as we’re forecast to have some winter weather this weekend and I’m planning to stay home and alternate between quilting and cleaning.

Here are a few more pictures of the things that went to Pine Ridge this time.

Three quilts went to the Sacred Shawl Society this time. These are quilts you’ve probably seen before in various stages of completion. They include the bright scrappy stars quilt, the black scrappy stars quilt, and the blue butterfly quilt.

1 Crocheted baby blanket went to the Sacred Shawl Society too.

I’m sure you saw the baby blanket too…but details about the yarn used to make it are here.

I ended up with 19 crayon rolls for this shipment…and 22 color books. Plus 6 boxes of large washable crayons suitable for very young children. I posted about crayon rolls and linked to lots of sites with patterns and tutorials for crayon rolls when I blogged about the first group of crayon rolls I made. This picture shows the most recent 6 crayon rolls. Yes! I am addicted to making them.

These items all went to The High Horses at Pine Ridge. They’ll be distributed to children as Christmas gifts.

All together, there were 21 hats of various sizes and of many colors this time. Those were split between the High Horses and The Sacred Shawl Society…mostly according to how much room there was in my packing box. I’m sure the hats will find their way to someone who needs them through the two organizations. You can check out other hat shipments here.

If this post has inspired you and you’d like to make hats, or quilts, crayon rolls, wash cloths, baby blankets or anything else, please check out my list of organizations that accept handmade items. I’ve focused a great deal on Pine Ridge this year but there are many, many, many organizations here in the US and abroad that can use handmade items to distribute to the people they serve.

If you know of an organization that is not on my list please leave a link to their website or Facebook page in the comments section. The list is open to organizations based both inside and outside the US.