The following testimonials have been freely offered by people who have taken my workshops. Most of them are adapted (with permission) from the introductions at the beginnings of classes. Since I’ve been teaching for a long time there are usually quite a few people who have taken previous workshops with me in the classes I teach. They often offer words of praise and I often ask for permission to use appropriate parts of the introduction here on my testimonial page. Other testimonials are gathered at the ends of classes when class participants are expressing their appreciation for the class.

Others are posted here by people who have taken classes and who have stopped by to leave their feedback. If you’ve taken a workshop and would like to leave some words to tell others about your experience in my workshops, I’d be honored to have you leave a comment in the space below. Periodically, I will move comments from the comments section into the main body of the Testimonials page.

Some people have offered multiple testimonials as they’ve taken multiple classes and have added to their testimonials over time.

Thanks to everyone who has taken my workshops and who has offered a testimonial. I appreciate all the kind and appreciative words.


The Unfinished Business Series would never have been published without Laurie’s expert help in the Yellow Highlighter Class. Her persistence in helping to “get it right” was instrumental the development of my “inner Laurie,” but I won’t submit another romance until she weighs in.

Carole Ann Moleti

Note: Carole’s books The Widow’s Walk and Breakwater Beach are available at Amazon. 


Thank you, Laurie. 

You teach with your heart, and I can feel it.  You  pass on your experience, your  expertise and what you have learned throughout your writing and publishing career and that makes the difference in your classes, and it sets you apart from many writing coaches and teachers.  
So thank you for not being afraid to share your knowledge and expertise. Thank you for your openness and for your patience. I am confident that I am a much better writer today than I was when I took the first class from you. Your way of teaching is really a work of art that paints itself within the heart and minds of the people who have the privilege of learning from you. And because of that, a light comes on and we get it. We understand and our writing skills grow as we implement what we have learned ,and our darkness fades.
Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week, and I’ll see you next Tuesday. 
Shalom aleichem,
Pat G 


I’d like to add my own note of gratitude to Laurie for her class on dialogue. I have taken many classes online over the years. She is knowledgeable and insightful, most of all she is patient and willing to spend a lot of time critiquing and answering questions. If you take a class with her, do take the time to read her answers and critiques of your fellow students’ posts. I know I’m not alone in learning a great deal from her comments to others as well as those addressed to my posts. Just finished one class with her and I’m starting another next week.



Laurie – Thanks so much for another great class (Understanding The Dialogue Experience Through Beats.) This is the sixth class I’ve taken that you’ve instructed, and I’ve learned more over the last year from your classes than I have in all of my previous courses combined (and I’ve taken a ton!)

I appreciate your instructional style along with your ability to share your great experiences and expertise. In every single class, I’ve learned an almost overwhelming amount of new information (and I mean that in the most positive way!) I also appreciate the time you take to answer each and every question, and the opportunity to use our WIP as a part of the learning experience. I find that I learn as much from others’ questions and markups as I do from my own.

I’m currently enrolled in the Yellow Highlighter Class, and can’t possibly say enough good things about this unique, customized, AMAZING learning experience.

If there’s anyone out there who has not yet taken a class of Laurie’s, I strongly recommend it. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks again – Chris C.


I am positive of one thing. The practical instruction I’m receiving from you is more valuable than any creative writing course I’ve ever taken. I wish I’d been directed to you long ago! I can see the validity of everything you point out.

Bob Gratkowski


I’ve been working with Laurie for a while now and owe her a great deal. My story was a NaNoWriMo creation that probably would have stayed unfinished if it hadn’t been for her patience and guidance. Now, it’s over 85k and will probably end close to 100k. Signing up for Laurie’s YHC has been the best thing for my writing.

Zia Westfield

UPDATE! Zia’s book has been released and is available at Amazon.


Laurie published my first book, Accidental Affair, and she contracted two (or was it three?) more. Currently I have three books published with Black Velvet Seductions, I just received the final approval copy from BVS for book #4, Runaway Heart, and Laurie and I are working on book #5, Final Kill. Laurie has truly changed how I write, for the better. Her insights have been invaluable in helping me to deepen the POV and emotional content of my books, and people have rated them all 4 & 5 stars, so we did something right, eh, Laurie?

If you’re new to Laurie’s class, fasten your seat belt and get your learning hat on, because you’re GOING to learn. She will make you a better writer and storyteller, and your readers will thank you!

Leslie McKelvey

UPDATE: Leslie’s book Runaway Heart released in March of 2016. Final Kill released December 2016. We’re now working on book #6! Look for Runaway Heart and Final Kill as well as Leslie’s earlier books at Amazon.

UPDATE: Sadly, Leslie McKelvey passed away unexpectedly in January of 2017. She will be missed.

I seriously give all the credit for my writing style to 2 great teachers (and this trumps all the workshops and formal writing classes I’ve taken.) Those two wonderful teachers are Margie Lawson and Laurie Sanders.  A lot of people can write but not many can actually teach.

J.D. Faver

Note: J.D. Faver’s books are available at Amazon.  

In the first class, I learned a lot about my writing, my story, myself, and Laurie’s amazing ability to spot the little things that make a big difference.

Pennie Leas


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