I blogged the other day about what a slow start I’ve had on projects for 2017.

I’m not sure why I’m so slow…other than I seem to be spending a lot of time on more brainless projects rather than getting into some of the projects that take a bit more focus…like this quilt which I pulled out last night.

I first purchased this fabric and cut out the quilt pieces two or three years ago. I made a couple of blocks but got sidetracked with other quilt projects and let this one languish in a bin for a while. I’ve always liked it though and yesterday took it out and made a few more blocks. Having worked on it again, I now remember why I bought the fabrics. The floral is beautiful up close. It has lots of bright cheerful colors…bright pink, lighter pink, bright gold, yellow, and orange. The bright pink, yellow, and green prints that I’ve paired up with it seem to work. There’s a bright, cheerful, enthusiasm to the fabrics that made me happy as I was working on it again.

Though this block takes more focus than some, it isn’t really that complicated. The pattern,  looks complicated, but it’s really not a hard block to put together.

This quilt will be donated when it is completed. I’ve not decided where I’ll donate it yet. It probably depends upon who is in need of quilts when it’s finished. I tend to donate through Sunshine Quilt Guild, Quilts Beyond Borders, and organizations that serve Pine Ridge Indian Reservation…but there is a lot of need in the world and I often see which organizations are calling for quilts at the time one is ready to send. For a list of organizations that accept handmade donations check out Laurie’s List Of Organizations That Accept Handmade Donations.

The pattern for this quilt is The Springfield Block from the first quilt book I ever owned – Judy Martin’s Ultimate Book Of Quilt Block Patterns, which is out of print now…though you can still get used copies through Amazon.

What I really like about this book – besides that it’s a treasure trove of beautiful quilt block patterns – is that for each block pattern there is a photo of the block using fabric. There is also an outline drawing of each block with no color, so that you can color the blocks yourself, which I often do using highlighters. Since I very seldom use the same fabrics that someone else does to create a block or quilt I use highlighters to show where the different fabrics are…then I can stray as far as I want from the original fabrics used in the photo.  In addition to the photo of the block in fabric and the  line drawing of each block, each block pattern shows the templates used to create the block and shows how the pieces are sewn together to form units and how the units are sewn together to form blocks.

As a beginning quilter, years ago, the images that show how the pieces are sewn together were priceless. Now that I have more experience I can look at a block and see how it is constructed, and so don’t need that aspect of the book as much, though it is still nice to have, especially for more complex blocks.

I suppose some people might be put off by the fact that the blocks are constructed using templates as opposed to rotary cut pieces, but frankly, I prefer using templates. I find it kind of peaceful and soothing to trace templates on fabric. It’s a good TV activity. Once I have the templates drawn on the fabric then the cutting process is a good evening TV activity and provides a break from crochet, which I do when I don’t have any quilts templated to cut out.

I think my goal for early 2017 will be to finish some of the works in progress that are filling my bins. There are quite a few of them hanging out in various degrees of completion. This one has been fun to work on. Each block takes about half an hour or so to sew…so although I haven’t grabbed it when I’ve had an hour or less to sew, it is something that I could pick up if I had a short time to sew. I just have to think to pick it up instead of picking up one of the more brainless projects. Of course, I like the simple, brainless, chain sewing too. There are times it fits my mood. But it’s nice to have this quilt back out in active status.

I like this pattern and definitely plan to use it again.

Check out the Cartwheels Quilt Pattern
icon available at Keepsake Quilting.

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