A few blog readers have mentioned recently that one of the things they enjoy about the blog is seeing and hearing about what inspires me…and then seeing how the inspiration turns into finished projects. Given this, I thought it might be fun to share more of what inspires me…what kicks off the various projects that I do. I don’t necessarily plan for or expect this to be a weekly meme…more something that I’ll post about when I have something to share. Of course…I am inspired by a ton of things…so it’s possible that there could be a lot of inspiration posts.

What often inspires me most are calls for quilts, hats, blankets, clothing, etc. that come from organizations that I donate to or from groups that together make items for the organizations. There is a huge list of organizations and groups that need donations of handmade items here.

One of my favorite organizations is Sew For Kids Volunteers, an online (Facebook) organization that makes things for the children on the Pine Ridge Reservation. A while back there was a call for blankets and quilts for the Sacred Shawl Society, a domestic violence shelter on the reservation. And of course, since I’m a quilter…I was inspired to make quilts…which I did do. I had some in progress and a finished one that I sent there. But the call for blankets also inspired me to buy more fabric…because of course…as we use some up we have to buy more.

The first fabric I bought was this cute print from Fabric.com

The fabric arrived and the print was quite a bit bigger than I expected. The saddle, hat, and boots are about 3 1/2 or 4 inches…quite a bit bigger than it looks in the picture. So…what I decided was to use the western fabric as sashings (strips) between other blocks arranged in vertical rows.

But of course, that meant that I needed fabric to make those rows of blocks…so off I went to shop for the fabric for those rows of blocks.

I buy a lot of focus (picture type fabric) at Fabric.com because they have a big selection. But since I am still a bit budget conscious I buy a lot of my blender pieces from Thousands of Bolts because they have a big selection of them and they are less expensive.

I came up with some pretty pieces that I think will work well with what I’m calling the saddle fabric above.

I found this pretty rust in the Swirls by Moda Collection. I really like it and think it is a good fit for the western theme.

I’m pairing it up with this brown from Wilmington Prints Essential Criss Cross Collection.

And I’m using this teal for a spot of bright color. It’s from the In The Beginning Color Theory Collection.

The background of the blocks…and perhaps the background for some kind of snazzy border will be this tan from Wilmington Prints Essentials Washart Collection.

I don’t yet have a prototype of the block I want to use for the blocks for the quilt because I’ve been busy being inspired to make potholders for another project that’s going on in the world of charitable crafting. There’s a project going on to benefit the elders at Pine Ridge later this spring with things that they might need…slippers…potholders…dishcloths…blankets…quilts…and so on.


I recently had the opportunity to review 110 Quilted Potholders from: Leisure Arts, Inc. and thought that it would be fun to pair the reviewing of the book with a post picturing the potholders. I’m still working on the potholders, but realized while looking through the potholder patterns that patterns for potholders don’t have to be used exclusively for potholders…they could be used for making quilts as well. And that’s what I’m going to do for the saddle quilt.

One of the reasons that I like this particular book is that all 110 potholders can be made from a single page of templates from the book…and none of the blocks have set in seams.

I’ll be doing a complete review of the book once I finish the potholders.

What is inspiring you lately?

100 Any Size Star Blocks