I know I’ve talked before about making crumb blocks, which some people call mile a minute blocks. They’re made by joining pieces of fabric together, adding pieces until you get a piece big enough to square up to the size you  need for a quilt block. I make mine 6 1/2 inches because I have a 6 1/2 inch ruler and because that size works well for the sawtooth star pattern I’ve used for the last two or three quilts I’ve made using the crumb blocks. Pictures of two of the quilts I’ve made with the sawtooth star pattern and crumb blocks are pictured here.

The crumb blocks are fun to make and they’re something I enjoy working on when I only have a few minutes to sew or when my focus is shot and I don’t want to work on anything more complicated. For that reason, I can amass a lot of crumb blocks in a short time. You may remember me writing about having 53 of the blocks a while back. As the number of blocks grew beyond 53 and as I began to get bored making star blocks with crumb block centers, I started thinking about what else I could do with the crumb blocks.

Several ideas for using the blocks came to mind, and I’ll share them in due course. But the one I started working on first is the one pictured above. This quilt combines quilting with applique done on the embroidery machine. The heart design is a freebie from Hooked On Applique. The applique design was really designed to use a single piece of fabric rather than a crumb pieced block, but I think the crumb pieced hearts are cute and that’s what I wanted to use this time. I’ve alternated heart blocks with 6 1/2 inch crumb blocks. The quilt is definitely scrappy…and busy…but I think that’s okay, especially for a kid’s quilt.

So far I’ve only got the first two rows sewn together, but I do have all of the heart blocks and all of the crumb blocks finished, so it is just a matter of putting the rows together and joining the rows…then piecing the back, layering the quilt and quilting. I just bought the fabrics to piece the back so this quilt should be moving along toward finished before too long.