It’s been a challenge (and I’ll bet you can guess why) but I did finally get the fringes added to the Sweet’n Sunny crocheted baby blanket. Like other projects you see around here, this will be donated to someone in need — most likely on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation…but I tend to have bins full of things and send them out when I hear of a need that moves me to get involved. Pine Ridge is where I often donate simply because the level of poverty is so extreme there. But there are hundreds of other organizations collecting items for people in need in other geographic regions and I’m open to sending there as well. Check out my huge list of organizations that accept handmade donations if you’d like to become involved in donating.

I enjoy making these simple, single crochet, one color, variegated yarn blankets. I think they turn out pretty. They are easy because there’s no counting involved – which is good because I’m not good at counting when I’m fully focused, let alone while I’m watching my favorite episode of NCIS, Big Bang, or Elementary. I’ve made several of these single crochet, variegated yarn blankets since I first learned to crochet. The first one, done in a pretty blue, yellow, and white variegated yarn is here. The second one is done in pretty lavender, yellow, white and blue. You can see it here. The third is done in a pretty pink, white, mint green and salmon variegated yarn. You can see it here. That makes this the fourth! There’s a fifth which is nothing like the other three. It’s in a bin waiting for me to add the fringe. Maybe I’ll get to that this week or at the weekend…depending upon how busy the week is.

I’ve started on a sixth using this pretty variegated yarn from Bernat which you can acquire from I’m really enjoying the subtle shading in this one. The gray/brown color looks very subtle when it’s crocheted, and it appears to be coming together in sections of each color that are about an inch or so long. It’s pretty yarn. I’m enjoying working with it.

Here’s a picture of the finished blanket minus the cat so you can get a better look at it.

It’s made with this pretty variegated yarn from Bernat which you can acquire from It’s a pretty mix of peach, pale yellow, and white. Here’s a close up of the yarn (courtesy of You can acquire the yarn from them here.