Books can surprise us.  Money Loves You by Blair Robertson surprised me. I picked up the book at Audible during a recent sitewide sale. Like most people on the planet, I wouldn’t object to more money in my pockets. For that reason I read the occasional book on manifesting money. It didn’t hurt that this book was short…just a little less than two hours long, and on sale, less than $5 in audio format. At less than two hours long it was the perfect length to keep me company while I cleaned.

In general, my criteria for whether a nonfiction book is worth reading is whether I learned at least one thing from the book that would benefit me in some way. In the case of this book, I learned several things which makes it a book I’m glad I read and one I feel comfortable recommending to others.

What surprised me was that most of what I learned wasn’t about manifesting money, or attracting money, or even earning more money. I didn’t find much of the financial information new, exciting, or different from what I already thought, knew, and believed.

The things that were the biggest takeaways for me were a couple of good tips buried in the middle of the book about how to disarm negative people and their negative energy. I don’t seem to attract many people with negative energy, but there are people in my life for whom this is a big problem and this book gave me some techniques that I can recommend to them and they will be good tools for me to have in my arsenal on the rare occasions that I do need to deal with someone’s negative energy.

The financial advice in this book is something of a blend of spirituality (help from spirit guides), Law of Attraction and non woo-woo tactics like goal setting, and working hard which dovetails nicely with my own view of how to attract anything into your life.

Like the author of this book, I do believe that thoughts have energy. We can all see just from looking around us that thoughts, much of the time, precede action. Without thought there is no action…without action change is hampered…so thoughts are important. They have energy. They have the energy to motivate us to action. Action has the ability to transform. This is true whether one believes in Law of Attraction or not.

There are however, those who study Law of Attraction who take the tact that if they think hard enough, in the right way, about what they want to manifest into their life it will appear as if by magic, without any action, effort, or work on their part. While I think this may sometimes occur, I think that most of the time we need to do our part. We need to take some action to move toward the things we want to have in our lives.

This book takes the tact that thoughts alone never manifest anything, and in fact, this author speaks fairly disparagingly about the belief that they will. I don’t agree that thoughts alone never manifest anything. Sometimes, I think thoughts alone do manifest things, though perhaps on the occasions when that seems to be the case, it’s just that the amount of action necessary to manifest those things is so minimal as to not be considered work or action.

What this book suggests is that we need to think about what we want, set goals, and then start the process of attaining the goal and that once we have set this process in motion then we can count on help in the form of nudges and opportunities from our spirit guides, God, and the universe.

I found it a worthwhile book, but not so much because of the financial advice which didn’t offer much that was new, but because of the information on dealing with negative people.

I would recommend the book to those struggling with how to deal with negative people. I’d more cautiously recommend it to those wanting to acquire more money, simply because the ideas presented about acquiring more money were not new or different and I didn’t gain much from this book in that respect. The techniques for dealing with negative people, however, was worthwhile information that I will use myself and pass on to others, and that made the book worthwhile for me.