If you’re noticing the new background in the photograph above – yep – I made a new ironing pad for the table that I iron on. The table/ironing pad often serves as a backdrop for photographing smaller items. I chose brown for this ironing pad, and purposefully went with something that read kind of plain rather than something with more of a print, like the first ironing pad I made, back in October. I did this to enable a better background for photographing items. I think I need a few more of these…maybe in a lighter tan color…and maybe in black.

Back in March I blogged about getting started with a new hobby – loom knitting. It’s not like I didn’t have enough projects in various stages of completion and needed more hobbies to round things out…but someone mentioned being able to loom knit a hat in about an hour and I thought that would be nice since it took me quite a bit longer to crochet one.

Back in March I posted the first two loom knitted hats I made. Since then I’ve made three more…and have a fourth (sixth total) on the loom. I  might have had another one or two to show, except that I stitched through my finger with the sewing machine last Saturday night and took a couple of days away from loom knitting while my finger healed up a bit.

I still don’t have it down to where I can make a hat in an hour…but I do have it down to where I can make a loom knitted hat in about the same time it would take me to crochet one and I find I like working with the loom.

My first hats were pretty simple…but recently I learned how to change color at  a place other than the band…and so I played with that some with the last hat I made (the one on the far left above.) I’ve also learned how to make vertical stripes on a hat so I expect to play with that soon.

I went on kind of a shopping frenzy last weekend and spent last week’s craft budget on additions to my yarn stash. (Yes, I do buy it faster than I crochet it/knit it–but I won’t run out anytime soon. I will use it eventually and I like having a lot to choose from.) I bought some neon brights…some sparkly pale pink and some gray that I think will go well with the sparkly pink. I may add some white to the sparkly pink and gray as I think that would be a pretty combination.

These hats will be donated at some point. Right now, I’m just making them and adding them to a big storage bin I  keep in the pantry . In the fall, when the weather begins to get chilly I’ll divide them up and send them to some of the organizations that accept hat donations. There are LOTS of organizations around the world that accept knitted, crocheted, and loom knitted hats for distribution to the needy in various communities. You can check out my list of organizations that accept donations of loom knitted, crocheted, and knitted hats here.

I have promised some hats to Glossopdale Charity Crafters in the UK (a Facebook group). They will use them to fill shoeboxes for distribution to children. Since these are kid-sized hats that will work out well. I’ll also be sending hats to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation as I did last year. The poverty is really bad there and the weather is really cold so I’m sure hats will be welcomed there. I’ll probably try to get some out to Bridge and Beyond which serves the Ohio area as well. I like spreading the things I make around.

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