One of the online (Facebook) charity groups that I belong to Sew For Kids Volunteers has projects that they work on throughout the year. Members of the group are free to participate in the group projects or to make other things. I tend to skip around and do a lot of my own thing because for the most part I consider myself more of a quilter than seamstress, crocheter, or loom knitter…though since joining Sew For Kids Volunteers I’ve branched out from quilting into all of these other areas and am beginning to see myself more as an all around maker of things.

Anyway, the current project at Sew For Kids Volunteers is to make summer clothes for the children at Pine Ridge. I’m not much of a seamstress, but a while back I did sew some doll clothes that turned out pretty well. I figured if I could make doll clothes, then surely I could make people clothes too…so I started collecting patterns. One of my favorites was this pattern for a top/dress and shorts. I liked it because A.) It is very simple with no buttons and no zippers. And B.) because in size five and smaller it only uses a single yard of fabric.

Once I decided on a pattern, I jumped in and bought a bunch of 1 yard pieces of fabric for making little girl’s tops.

Because I am not very confident when it comes to sewing clothes (even simple ones) I decided to start out making a single top…kind of as a prototype…so I could see how the pattern sewed out and so that I could make sure I understood all the directions and that I was pleased with the outcome. I figured, then I could cut out multiple versions of the top and make more of them. My intent is to purchase or make matching shorts and to purchase underwear. I’ll package a whole outfit together in a zip top bag so that each child gets a whole, coordinated outfit, including new underwear.

I’d just gotten started with the project when Linda from Material Thingz contacted me about adding her site to the list of places to buy bargain fabric that I have on the site. In the course of our conversation I mentioned that I had visited her site and really liked the fabric she had on the site as a lot of it would make great little girl’s tops. She contacted me and said that she’d like to donate some fabric to the cause. Of course I welcomed  her gift.

Last week her gift arrived. She sent three 1 yard pieces and a couple of 2 yard pieces. The 1 yard pieces are just the right size for tops. The 2 yard pieces will either make tops for older girls or will make dresses for the younger ones. I’m still going to have to go to Material Thingz and buy some things. They have some really pretty bright geometric flowers on a pink background that would be perfect for a quilt top that I finished recently and need to layer and quilt. (Yes, I WILL be blogging about that soon.)

I’ve already started cutting out a top out of the gray with the pretty blue, green, gold, and white flowers. It’s a lovely fabric…they all are. The brown with the big print is one of the larger cuts and so I’m saving it…I think, probably, for a larger girl’s top. Along with the pretty aqua.

If you’ve noticed I’ve not done a lot of quilting the past couple of weeks it’s partly because I’ve been figuring out how to sew clothing with a little help from my good buddy Ozzie who likes to help me whenever I am at the sewing machine.

I did actually finish a quilt top in between working on the tops. You’ve not seen it yet because I need to get around to photographing it. Soon!