I have about a bajillion of these Frugal Blocks from Quilter’s Cache. The Frugal Block is one of my favorite quilt blocks because it lends itself so well to chain piecing. It’s also a project that lends itself well to small bursts of time. I seem to have more small bursts of time than large expanses of time, so as a consequence, I have a bunch of these blocks…like hundreds of them…enough to make a king sized quilt with a bunch left over.

But what really, really, scares me is the idea of quilting a king sized quilt or the expense of having one long arm quilted for me.

Sometime back…like many months ago, I saw a video that showed a technique for quilting a large quilt in sections. I loved the idea, but forgot to bookmark it…and then couldn’t remember exactly where I’d seen the video or how to do the quilting and I couldn’t find the video again.

A couple of weeks ago, I found the video (which is actually a 4 part video tutorial) again. It’s definitely one of the things that’s inspiring me this week.

A couple of our older bedspreads are showing some serious wear and need to be replaced and I’d love to have a quilt to replace the most worn. The video provides a way to manage the quilting of a king sized quilt. So, I’m really inspired by that!

Here are the videos. I hope they inspire you too!

Also inspiring me this week is the Call Of The Wild Line from Hoffman Fabrics. I love, love, love this line of fabric panels and have already purchased the fox panel from Bear Creek Quilting Company. The image below belongs to them and shows the panel, but also a free pattern for using the panel which you can download free from Bear Creek Quilting.  There’s a bear and an elk panel in the same line and I love them and will probably have to buy them as well. I don’t think they are available until June though. I think these panels will make great masculine quilts for the folks at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I have a hard time making masculine quilts as my taste in fabric runs toward florals and pinks and purples and other feminine color palettes…and themes so it’s great to find a masculine feeling fabric that really inspires me.

Also inspiring me this week is a sale that Quilt Fabric Closeouts is having.

Quilt Fabric Closeouts may be familiar to you from the Best Places To Buy Bargain Fabric list here on the site. It’s one of the shops listed there…and they routinely have a lot of nice fabric at reasonable prices. The regular price for most of their fabric is in $7 a yard range…which is a pretty good price. I like to browse their recently added section at that price.

That said, they are currently having a sale on floral fabrics and most of those are down in the $5 – $5.49 a yard range.

I’m a huge fan of floral fabrics just because I like them. But I also think they make the cutest little girl’s tops. If you’ve read the blog recently, you know I’ve been making some of those…well…I’ve made one…but making more is on my list of things to do…. I do have several more cut out and ready to sew up and doing that will be the focus of my afternoon sewing time today. You can check out the first little girl’s top here. I’ll be blogging about the rest of them as I  make them.

Those pretty floral fabrics on sale at Quilt Fabric Closeouts is another inspiration this week.

What’s inspiring you this week?

Scrap quilts and blocks always inspire me. Check out this book from C&T Publishing.

Scrap Quilt Secrets

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