I actually finished this little top a couple of weeks ago but have been scrambling and hadn’t had a chance to blog about it. It’s made from the same See & Sew (Butterick) pattern (B5442) that I used to make the first little girl’s top that I  made with this pattern.

I talked a bit about the pattern, and how much I like it (because it is very easy) on that post, so I won’t repeat myself here.

I did a couple of things differently with this top. Obviously, I added a row of lace to the bottom of this top. I didn’t do that with the first one…but I like the soft, feminine, look of the lace, so last week I spent my weekly crafting budget at JoAnn Fabrics buying additional lace for additional tops.

The part I found most difficult (and it isn’t that difficult) about this pattern was gathering the ruffle at the bottom. But then I bumped into a video on YouTube (one of my favorite places on the web for learning new things). The video showed a nifty new (to me anyway) product that you can use to quickly create ruffles and gathers. Though Clover Fuse and Gather isn’t inexpensive, it does make making ruffles a breeze. For me, it was worth the $$.

Here’s a video showing how to use the Clover Fuse and Gather.

I’d just purchased the Clover Fuse and Gather when I saw another video from Sewing with Niler. Niler’s video shows a different way to make ruffles. I’ve not tried this method yet ( video below) yet, but intend to give this method a whirl when I make the next top…which is already cut out and just waiting for me to sew it up. This method doesn’t require the Fuse and Gather.

I think Niler’s method is nifty and I’m looking forward to trying it out. While the Fuse and Gather is a great product and does make it very easy to gather a ruffle, the price of it would add up if you make a lot of ruffles. Nila’s method doesn’t require the Fuse and Gather which makes it the less expensive option.

The fabric for this top was donated by Linda from Material Thingz where they have some delightful prints which would be great for little girl’s tops or dresses. Prices for most of their prints are $4.49 a yard…a GREAT price!

For those interested in sewing clothing (or crocheting, knitting, loom knitting) for the kids on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, hop on over to the Facebook Group Sew For Kids Volunteers. It’s a great group of wonderful people who are all doing what they can to make life a little better for the kids on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation who have so little. A lot of what I make and donate is donated through that group. If that group doesn’t sound like your cup of tea or you want to make things to support a different group of people check out my giant list of organizations that either make or accept handcrafted items. If you know of a group or organization (inside or outside the USA) that isn’t listed please leave a comment with as much information as you can provide about the organization. I am always updating the list.