You might notice a new model in a lot of the pictures of projects coming up. For a long time Patch (the one-eyed, flame point kitty in some of the pictures on the blog) was the predominant kitty model around here. He still models with a lot of projects as he loves fabric of any type and it is hard to take a picture of a quilt or other project without him being in it. But recently Callie Kitten and Ozzie have been giving him a run for his money. There’s a lot of competition for kitty modeling gigs these days.  In any case, this is Ozzie. He’s “helping” me add the fringe to this blanket.

Adding fringe is always the part of any crochet project that lags behind. I’m not sure why it is such a bottleneck in my process, but it is. I tend to get the crochet on the body part of the project done and then end up tucking it into a bin where it waits…and waits…and waits till I get around to adding the fringe.

To be honest, I’m not sure whether this is another baby blanket or whether it would be better suited as a lap blanket for a senior. I think it will actually work in either capacity and where it will be sent will probably depend quite a bit on which box has more space as I generally send baby items for people on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to one place and items for the elders on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to another place. I have boxes filling up for both locations, so we’ll see which box has more space as I get close to sending them off. I generally work through Sew For Kids Volunteers or Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation and send to the organizations those two organizations work with when it comes to sending items to Pine Ridge. Both Sew For Kids Volunteers (Facebook Group) and Sew for Kids Volunteers (Blog) do a great job of keeping me apprised of what is needed various places on the reservation. Friends of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation’s Yahoo Group is another great resource as there are daily updates, challenges, and requests posted on the group.

This blanket is made with Love This Yarn – a 100% acrylic yarn from Hobby Lobby. The variegated yarn in the center is called Peacocktails. The solid gray on the outside edges is called Graymist. There was no established pattern because I’ve not been crocheting that long and haven’t mastered reading a pattern. Instead, I tend to make things up as I go along…which I tend to like just fine. The entire blanket is made from single crochet, which I like because it is a nice, dense stitch without openings, which will be warmer, an important consideration in South Dakota where the winters are brutal and the people often live with inadequate heat in their homes.

Here’s another view of the blanket. This one is when it’s finished – sans kitty model.

If you’d like to crochet, sew, loom knit, knit, or quilt for charity check out my giant list of organizations that are seeking hand-made donations.