I’ve been working on a new quilt! This one is BRIGHT! But bright is okay! I LIKE bright. I think there’s a little girl out there in the world somewhere that will like bright too. This will be a donation quilt though I’m not sure where I will ultimately donate it.

I decide where things ultimately go on the fly. I have a couple big Rubbermaid totes that I put items to donate in as I finish them up. When there is a call for items or when I have enough to fill a box for one of the organizations I normally donate to, I pull items from the bin and pack a box which I send to the organization.

Most of the time I send quilts through Sunshine Online Quilt Guild, which is an online quilt guild which makes and donates quilts around the world or through Sew For Kids Volunteers. Sunshine Quilt Guild works primarily with two organizations, Quilts Beyond Borders and Wrap A Smile in terms of distributing quilts. Quilts Beyond Borders frequently distributes quilts to orphanages and to refugees. Wrap A Smile is a Rotary project which distributes quilts through medical teams that go to economically disadvantaged countries to perform cleft palette surgeries for people there. Each patient receives a quilt after surgery. Sew For Kids Volunteers is a Facebook Group of volunteers who work together to send items to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Since many of the people on the reservation have inadequate heat in the winter blankets and quilts are always needed there.

With so much need it is sometimes hard to decide where to send things, which is why I’ve started keeping things in bins until I have enough to fill a box or until there is a call for quilts through the Sunshine Group.

If you’d like to make and donate items, but you’re not sure one of the above mentioned groups is right for you, do check out my giant list of charities that accept handmade items. There are groups listed that want everything from hats and gloves to quilts. There are groups that support babies in need, angel babies and their families, homeless people, cancer patients, veterans, victims of domestic violence, children in traumatic situations, children in third world countries and more. There’s a charity out there that is looking for something you can make.

The pattern I used for this quilt was the Happy Go Lucky Block from my first and favorite quilt book of all time – Judy Martin’s Ultimate Book Of Quilt Block Patterns. Unfortunately, Judy Martin’s Ultimate Book Of Quilt Block Patterns is out of print. But it’s still available used from Amazon. You may remember that I mentioned Judy Martin’s book when I posted about the pink and floral quilt that was, and still is, in progress…though I’ve finished a few more blocks since that post.

The fabrics in this quilt are kind of bright, and the white print is kind of busy, so I thought it needed the sashes between the blocks to separate the blocks. Though the block is a busy one, It has grown on me and is a favorite pattern. I’m currently working on another quilt using the same pattern…this one in a much more sedate color scheme.

The fabrics for this quilt came from the old Hancock’s Fabrics when they were still in business…which tells you how long this quilt has been in the works.

My kitties cheerfully agreed to check out this quilt and give it their stamp of approval, though I’m sure they’ll want to check it out again at each step along the way.