It has been an exceedingly busy summer. Sadly, quilting and sewing have taken a backseat to other family and work activities. I think I finally have my work obligations trimmed back to a manageable amount now. I’m hopeful that will allow me to get back to more quilting and sewing. It really needs to because I have a whole bunch of projects…new and old…in the works. I really need to finish them.

The one shown here is still in very beginning stages, but I enjoy working on it. It uses the same pattern that is given in the blog post on my nephew Alex’s quilt which is also still in the works.

I really like the soft floral fabric that is the focus fabric for these quilt blocks. It’s one of those pieces of fabric that I purchased because I really loved it…but it took me years to find the right pattern and the right accompanying fabrics to motivate me to cut into it. I think it pairs well with the pink and lavender borders and the aqua and yellow star points.

Clearly, both Patch and Ozzie approve…though I think they generally approve of me sewing…and they don’t care a lot what I sew.


While I was teaching very large writing classes and didn’t have much time to actually sew, I still seemed to gravitate toward the fabric stores (online and off) where I bought more fabric. I also stopped lurking and started participating a bit more in some of the online groups at Yahoo Groups, which I’ve been a member of FOREVER.

The groups, both those on Facebook and those on Yahoo provide a lot of inspiration for me. Though I’ve not sewed much the past couple of months, the inspiration has continued at a steady pace and the fabric stash has ballooned so I am now well positioned to sew, sew, sew! I have several new scrap projects in mind that I will be starting soon. One of those stems from coming out of lurkdom on the HeartStrings Quilt Project Group.

The HeartStrings Quilt Project Group is a group of quilters who have gathered together to make and donate string quilts to local charities. People can participate by making and donating single blocks, or by making whole quilts. Quilts can be donated to any cause that the individual quilter chooses. It’s a very friendly group. When I remarked that I had lots of crumbs but not any strips, Nikki, another member of the group contacted me to offer some strips. I took her up on her offer and she sent me a big box of strips, so now I am set to add strip quilts to the mix of quilt projects I do.

What really fascinates me about the strip quilts in the group photo album at the HeartStrings Quilt Project Group  is how much variety there is in the finished projects. There are strip quilts made with scraps of all colors which are explosions of color. Then there are strip quilts made with more limited color palettes or with a specific fabric always used in the same place in the block…and these quilts look completely different. Quilts can go from wild explosions of color with everything goes palettes to much more subdued or more limited palettes. These quilts look much different depending on the color palette, how the strips are used in the block and how the finished blocks are arranged. I think what appeals to me is that one could do scrappy strip quilts for a long time and yet still end up with quilts that would be unique in that each would be an individual piece that you could easily identify. I don’t find that is the case with The Frugal Blocks I make. The quilts from that block seem to make quilts that look very similar – though each one is unique.

Watch for me to be playing with strips and strip quilts a lot in the coming months. I’m finding them totally fascinating at the moment and want to play with color and pattern.
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