Please welcome Rev. Misty Tyme, the author of The Forgiveness Solution. She’s visiting the blog today to talk about her book The Forgiveness Solution and the sometimes bumpy road to forgiveness. Please ask questions, leave comments. 

Laurie’s Review of The Forgiveness Solution

Every now and then you find that book that you want to buy for everyone on your Christmas list. For me, The Forgiveness Solution by Misty Tyme is one of those books.

It’s not that the people on my Christmas list are in need of forgiveness or that they need to learn how to forgive. In general, I’d say we’re a pretty forgiving lot. Yet, there are aspects of forgiveness that I’d dare to say most of us have not thought about. I know I hadn’t.

I’ve thought about forgiveness…have forgiven those I’ve needed to forgive…have set boundaries with necessary…and consider myself in pretty good shape in that regard.

What I found most illuminating, and what I think some of the people on my Christmas list would find most illuminating is that sometimes we aren’t forgiving the people in our lives. We’re forgiving situations, events in our lives that didn’t go as we planned. Sometimes what we’re having to come to terms with are our own expectations which didn’t come to fruition as we expected them to. I’ve known of course that we have to come to acceptance of events and situations, learn from them, move on, try again, but I’d never thought of it in terms of forgiving the event, the expectation, the situation, and I think that is powerful.

Don’t expect a typical, dull, self-help type approach with The Forgiveness Solution. The self-help is there. But the approach is more like a deep memoir as the author shares her own experiences of forgiving the people, situations, and events in her own life.


An Excerpt From The Forgiveness Solution

We only need to forgive because we pick up un-forgiveness. What is un-forgiveness? It is that ugly feeling that can either show up in the blink of an eye, or via smoldering resentment that builds up over time. These are feelings that usually come from unfulfilled expectations. Are these un-forgiveness feelings idealistic? In most cases, they are not. Most people have typical expectations of other people, situations, and ourselves.

When a person or situation hits us with a hard blow of emotional pain, it hurts and we feel it. It is a punch in the gut, heart, head, and soul. Often the anger is temporary, but the hurt remains. What you choose to do with that anger and pain after the initial blow is your decision. This is your defining moment. This is where it becomes all about you. This is where you get to take back your power and triumph over the abuser. Working through the pain and anger is what makes you strong. Forgiveness is about your strength, not the other person’s weaknesses.

Situational un-forgiveness occurs when an event transpires in our life that was not part of the plan. There are many examples of situational un-forgiveness; losing a job, illness strikes, or a natural disaster hits. Situational forgiveness is something that changes our everyday life into a crisis.


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About The Author

Rev. Misty Tyme is a forgiveness expert, interfaith minister, author, speaker, and creator of Rev. Misty’s Forgiveness Algorithm™.

Her mission is clear: to bring a forgiveness tool to a world that is craving a way to let go of pain and anger. Armed with the motto that “forgiveness is the link between love and healing,” and a gift for opening hearts through her humorous and touching stories, Rev. Misty is known for uplifting and enlightening audiences across the U.S. through her talks and workshops. Visit

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