I actually finished this blanket quite a while back – except for the fringe. For some reason, I always get to the point of putting on the fringe and then stall. (There’s actually another finished blanket awaiting fringe.) I’m not sure why adding fringe is such a sticking point for me. I have lots of feline help to get the fringing done.


This blanket was made entirely with single crochet and variegated baby yarn, which makes it a really easy project.

I love the colors which would be great for either a boy or a girl. The yarn in this blanket is Citrus Sorbet, a Big Ball Baby Yarn from Bernat. I’ve used quite a bit of Big Ball Baby Yarn from Bernat and have always been pleased with it. I think they have some really pretty color combinations within their variegated yarn…which is what I use most for baby blankets.

This blanket is headed to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where it will soon be united with its new owner.