The summer was super busy around here…especially the later summer…and I’ve not done near as much sewing/quilting/crocheting/crafting as I usually do. I’m way behind in blogging about the things I did make over the summer, so I thought I’d work on a few catch up posts.

A while back JoAnn Fabrics had fleece on sale for $2.99 a yard.

Since we’ve had these unsightly, old, nearly worn through cat window seat covers that I’d been promising to replace with new ones – for years – I decided to purchase a couple of yards of jungle print fleece and make the cats some new window seat covers. As you can see from the first picture, Oz really approved of my fabric choice.


The process for making the covers was really quite easy. I started by stripping off all the old materials to get down to the window seat structure.


That meant taking off the cover itself but also removing the foam backed kitchen rugs that I cut up 10+ years ago to use as a soft layer between the cover and the window seat frame.


Instead of replacing the worn rug layer with another piece cut from a new foam backed rug, I decided to go for a bit more comfort and luxury and purchased a roll of 1-inch thick poly foam. I was surprised to see that it is washable…though I haven’t washed it.

I used the old rug as a template. I placed it on top of the new foam and drew around it–twice — making two ovals because I was recovering two window seats. This gave me a cutting line and I cut out the oval pieces of foam that became the soft, comfy layer.

Then it was onto the fleece and the actual cover.

For the fleece layer, I used the new foam pieces that I’d cut as a guide…but I cut my fleece about 3″ out from the edge of the foam all the way around. Since this was utility sewing and I didn’t care about my stitch showing I simply turned in my edges about an inch and a half and sewed a zig-zag all the way around to form a casing for my 1/2 inch wide elastic to run through. I guessed on how big to make the elastic using the distance around the window seat the narrow way as a guide and adding 3 or 4 inches. I wanted it to be big enough to fit over the window seat frame easily, but be also small enough to hold the covers firmly in place, something that been a weakness of the original covers that came with the window seats.

Once I had my elastic through the casing, I sewed the ends together and closed the casing.

Then it was time for the moment of truth…putting the foam on the window seat frame and trying the window seat cover on. I’m pleased to say they fit beautifully.

My husband was really impressed.

Dupie (short for Dup-li-cat) couldn’t wait to make herself comfortable on what probably seemed to her like a brand new window seat. It sure looked like a brand new one.

What comes to mind about the window seat covers is that I had thought of making replacement covers and had talked about it, for the last six years or s0–every time I washed the dingy, threadbare ones. I’m not sure why I put off making them for so long – other than because I didn’t have a pattern, wasn’t sure exactly how big to make the elastic or what to use for the soft layer between the frame and the cover. Putting it off was really kind of silly though. Once I actually got the materials together and got started it was pretty intuitive and only took about 2 1/2 hours start to finish…and I made 4 covers in that time…2 for each window seat.

There’s a little thrill of satisfaction every time I look over and see one of the cats sleeping on one of their newly recovered window seats. Sort of makes me wish I’d done it much sooner.

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