Make Friends With Editing In Yellow Highlighter Classes

One of the things I hear often from people who have taken Yellow Highlighter Classes is how much they used to hate editing and how much they’ve come to enjoy it. 

For most people, I think, editing is a bit overwhelming. When we hit the editing phase we’re striving for perfection and yet, when we sit down at our desks or in our easy chairs with our laptops and settle into the process of editing, a lot of what we see is imperfection. That’s because editing is a process…it’s done in layers, not in one giant editing pass. My Yellow Highlighter Classes were developed to help people work through this process in a step by step way that results in a completed manuscript at the end of a series of classes sufficient to work through the entire manuscript. 

Yellow Highlighter Classes are highly individualized so can work for a variety of different writing processes. In the five or six years that I’ve been teaching these classes, I’ve worked with pantsers, plotters, and hybrids that embrace various degrees of pantsing and plotting. I’ve also worked with those who like to finish a draft and then work through the draft in class to polish it. I’ve also worked with authors who write their first drafts and revise them within the class. I’m pretty flexible and generally encourage authors to develop their own writing process which works for them. We are, after all, all unique individuals with unique ways that we like to work.

There are many different types of writing classes. I teach many different classes myself. You can find a listing of those I’ll be teaching in 2018 listed in the 2018 site calendar. That said, Yellow Highlighter Classes are unique in that they are entirely hands-on classes using your own work in progress as the textbook. They start where you are by using your own work and working steadily through your manuscript addressing the issues within the manuscript as they come up. This makes every class different and allows you to progress through your work at your own speed addressing only the problems present in your own manuscript. The result is a broader, more internalized, hands-on form of learning that results in a completed and edited manuscript at the end of a series of classes.

Yellow Highlighter Classes are month-long classes which meet online in a private blog space three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.) This means that people around the globe and with a variety of work schedules can participate. 

The way classes work, participants post a 1400-word excerpt each day of class and receive a thorough markup of the excerpt each day that class meets. The markups that are given provide suggestions for dealing with any weaknesses in the manuscript, including things like lagging sexual tension, shallow emotional reactions, weak character motivation in either the macro and micro sense, shallow point of view, head hopping, stilted dialogue, talking head syndrome, and more.

In Yellow Highlighter Classes the entire four-week workshop is spent working through the scenes that participants post.

On day 1 the participant posts an excerpt which I go over and markup.

On day 2 the participant posts any recommended revisions or posts a new excerpt as directed on day 1. We follow this process generally working our way through the manuscript.

Many authors have used this process to ready their manuscripts for contests, submission, or self-publishing. Several former students have finaled in contests and one recently won a Golden Heart. Quite a few have received publishing contracts. A few have self-published. Classes aren’t solely for authors. Publishers use the classes as a means of editing some of the manuscripts they contract as well.

Since feedback is given in a group setting each student benefits not only from the markup of their own project but also from the markups provided to all the other members of the class.

You can check out what those who take my classes have to say about them on my testimonials page here. 

Most of the people who take a Yellow Highlighter Class get enough out of it that they come back for them again and again. Because they are popular and they are time intensive for me to teach class size is very limited and the classes are scheduled and booked far in advance. Seats for recent classes have sold out within several minutes of registration going live. The June class sold out within 4 minutes of registration going live, so if you are interested in a spot in the July 2018 Yellow Highlighter Class it is time to register! Seats will probably be gone if you wait to register.

The July 2018 will meet July 10 – August 2, 2018
Class will meet three days per week — Tuesday through Thursday

Each package purchased allows the participant to post 1400 words per day for markup–participants who want to post more words per day are encouraged to purchase more packages. Those who would like to post 2800 words per day should purchase 2 packages. It should, however, be noted that 2800 words is a lot of words and is most appropriate for experienced authors who have highly polished material. 2800 words will be a stretch for newer authors or those whose schedules don’t allow for daily revision. I generally advise 1400 words as a first Yellow Highlighter experience.

There are 12 class days during the session, so purchasing one package of 1400 words per day will move you through 16,800 words (made up of a combination of new and revised words) during the month. Most participants follow a process of post, revise, and repost on at least some sections of their manuscript so they finalize less than the full 16,800 words. Manuscripts that are already highly polished move quickly and those that need more work move more slowly.

As I said above, these classes tend to sell out quickly. If you are receiving a sold out error it is because there are not enough seats available to fulfill your request. If you have more than one package in your cart reduce the number of packages in your cart and try again.

If you have one package in your cart and are still receiving a sold out error then the class is sold out. If you’ve received a sold-out error and would like to be added to the waiting list please leave a comment below and let me know you’d like to be added to the waiting list — please let me know whether you want to be added for the July class only or whether you’d like to be added for earlier classes as well.

Extra Weekend Sessions Provide A Second Chance To Get Into A Yellow Highlighter Class – Get On The Waiting List!

As I told you last month, I’ve added a few weekend spots during most months to allow those on the waiting list a little better chance to participate in classes that are otherwise sold out. These spots will ONLY be offered to those on the waiting list–so leave a comment–make sure you are on the waiting list if you want to get into one or more of the sold-out classes. Do be aware that the waiting list typically has about three times more people than there are seats available so getting on the waiting list doesn’t assure you a seat. It just gives you a better chance at securing a spot.

Currently, all classes prior to July are sold out with multiple people on the waiting list.

Though tuition for all classes is non-refundable I do make every effort to offer credits and/or move people into future classes when life intervenes and they can’t participate as planned.

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Check out the site calendar here for other classes, registration dates, and more. The next registration will be Sunday, December 31st, 2017 at 6 a.m Central time and will be for the August 2018 class. 

Register Here For The July 2018 Class!

Seats in Yellow Highlighter Classes are 1400 words each day – there are 12 class days per session. Cost is $120 per session.

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