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My Great Nephew Alex’s Quilt

Crafting, Everything, Free Quilt Pattern, Laurie's EQ7 Quilts, Quilting July 11, 2016

My nephew Alex fancies himself a cowboy and is very much into horses…real ones and toy ones. He spends hours arranging his toy horses in fences and keeps an eye out at Aldi’s for boxes which would make good barns. In short, he’s horse crazy. Any time he has the opportunity to buy a new toy, he gravitates to additional horses for his herd. This is why when I saw this horse fabric at JoAnn’s a couple of weeks ago I knew I had to get it and use it to make a quilt for Alex.

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A Baby Boy Blanket For Pine Ridge

A Finish!, Crafting, Donation Crafting, Everything, Items For Pine Ridge July 4, 2016

I got a bit bored making hats so decided to take a break and do something else for a while. I found some gorgeous blue, yellow, white, and aqua baby yarn and decided it would make a beautiful baby blanket. I decided it was time to learn a new crochet stitch…having only known single crochet up to that point. So I watched some YouTube videos and learned how to do the half double stitch. This baby blanket/afghan is done totally in half double crochet. There is no pattern…just half double crochet and variegated yarn.


It’s Time To Register For January 2017 Yellow Highlighter Class!

Everything, Writing, Writing Workshop, Yellow Highlighter Class July 3, 2016

It being time to register for the January 2017 Yellow Highlighter Class and the fact that I spent time last week organizing my teaching schedule for OIRW for 2017 points up how quickly this year is passing, how soon Christmas will be here, and how quickly January of 2017 will be here.

It also provides for a sense of looking back and thinking about previous Yellow Highlighter Classes and what people who’ve taken them have had to say about them. I think rather than summarizing what people currently taking the classes and what past students have said about them, I’ll post some of my students’ words of praise for the classes.


Laurie’s Simple Coconut Muffins

Everything, Laurie Cooks, Laurie's Original Recipes July 1, 2016

Cornstarch added to cake recipes is known aid in producing a moist, tender bite, and that’s what I wanted in my muffins so I decided to start by including 3.4 oz. box of cook and serve coconut pudding in my recipe, both for texture and for flavor. The 2 cups of sweetened coconut adds good coconut flavor and a bit of coconut texture which is a perfect contrast to the moist bite of the muffins. 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 1 teaspoon of coconut flavoring also aid in creating a strong coconut flavor.

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Free Book Promotion Offer For Writers

Everything, Freebies For Writers, Writing June 5, 2016

I have created a new Twitter account for the express purpose of promoting books. At this point this is mostly something I am doing for current and former students, authors published by Black Velvet Seductions, and other friends who’ve written books or short stories they want to promote. The types of promotions I will be tweeting through the new Twitter account are very specific.

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