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It’s Time To Register For The October Yellow Highlighter Class

Writing, Writing Workshop, Yellow Highlighter Class April 9, 2017

Yellow Highlighter Classes are month-long classes which meet online in a private blog space three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.) The classes are completely hands on with participants posting excerpts from their works in progress and me going over them, marking them up, offering corrections and suggestions in the same way that I mark up manuscripts I edit for publication. The feedback isn’t specific to just one area, like emotion, sexual tension or plot points. Instead, the markup offered on a single day of the class might highlight weaknesses of many types and might offer suggestions for strengthening a variety of problem areas. A single markup on a single day of the class might address a point of view problem, the need for a beat of silence to break up a line of dialogue, or the news that a given scene really slows the pace and needs to be trimmed, moved or discarded.


Using Deep Point Of View To Clarify Your Writing

Writing, Writing Tips, Writing Workshop January 15, 2017

The things we wrote in the book planning binder defines a character who has certain parameters. But when you put her in motion…make her take actions, and then put other people in the scene and make her react to the actions that they take you begin to learn more about her. She’s still mousy haired. She still prefers cats to people. She still doesn’t feel worthy of participating in society, of having friends. But now you move one step deeper. How does someone who prefers cats to people, who doesn’t feel worthy of participating in society, of having friends, react when she is face to face with someone who needs her help? What motivates that action? What thought? What feeling? What belief? Showing this on the page, by showing her specific mental or emotional experience allows the full essence of who she is at the deepest level to come through and be fully visible and fully understandable to the reader.


My Upcoming Workshops For OIRWA Cover Writing Emotion And Love Scenes

Everything, Writing, Writing Workshop March 21, 2016

It’s shaping up to be a very busy spring and summer. I’m teaching a great lineup of classes for for the Outreach International Romance Writing Chapter of RWA (OIRWA). The spring/summer schedule will kick off with Infusing The Romance With Emotional And Sexual Tension in May. Developing A Vocabulary For Writing Love Scenes will follow in June. In July we’ll turn toward writing emotion with Intensifying Emotion. Then in August we’ll delve deep into the world of creating emotional experiences with Developing A Vocabulary For Writing Emotion.

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Register For Free Workshop – The Importance Of The Silent Beat In Dialogue

Everything, Writing, Writing Workshop October 3, 2015

In the Yellow Highlighter Classes that I teach one of the most common suggestions I write in dialogue section is, “You need a break here.” Or, “You need a beat of silence here.” In this free class we’ll go deep into this one facet of dialogue and look at why, when, and where you need these beats of silence and how you can begin to intuit for yourself where they need to be.

wooden sign says motivation - represents character motivation
picture of woman taking photograph represents deep point of view
ice cube with pencil symbolizes writer's block